About NWA




Hey, I’m Tilo (@tilomitra), and I’m the curator of Node Web Apps (NWA).

As a JavaScript developer for the last 4-5 years, I’ve seen the language go through significant change. Five years ago, we were still maintaining IE6, and NodeJS was a new kid on the block.

Today, JavaScript is known for its rich ecosystem of frameworks, both on the server and the client. This is great, but it also makes it very hard for someone new to understand where to start. I know because I’ve been there.

There’s no silver bullet, but I hope to offer solutions to common problems faced by JavaScript developers when building web applications.

NWA’s Goal

NWA’s goal is to educate developers on solutions to common problems related to JavaScript web applications. Using the resources here, anyone should be able to create, deploy and maintain a JavaScript web app in production.


NWA targets anyone who has an interest in learning more about building web applications. We’ll try to differentiate articles to cater to beginner, intermediate, and senior engineers.

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Get in touch with me using the contact form below. I’m interested in knowing what you want to learn more about.